VR-EP Launch

VR-EP Launch

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Virtual Reality Empathy Platform (VR-EP) is a new platform which helps architects and designers create dementia-friendly buildings by giving them a ‘virtual reality insight’ into their own designs and how dementia can affect a person’s vision and subsequent experience of these.

It is invented by Scottish architect David Burgher and developed by Glasgow CGI firm Wireframe Immersive in association with Dementia Centre, HammondCare.


VR-EP can be used in the design of new buildings such as care homes, hospitals or sheltered housing, and also has the potential to assess existing buildings and environments, making a huge difference to the lives of people living with dementia.

Our brief was to launch the product and explain it to the Scottish market; generate sales enquiries; and raise awareness of how good accessible building design can positively impact the lives of people living with dementia


We targeted broadcasters first, with the aim of securing broadcast coverage on one day and print and online coverage on the following day. We did this by inviting broadcast journalists to an exclusive and private live demonstration of VR-EP and follow-up interview with its creators.

We then issued several versions of a launch press release, each one tailored to its specific audience, and followed up with key journalists and publications to facilitate interviews and coverage. We also offered additional social media advice.


  • A live interview for David Burgher on BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland programme (five minutes of airtime)
  • Additional broadcast coverage on BBC Reporting Scotland’s 6 o’clock news
  • 23 pieces of coverage in national and international print and online publications, including the Daily Record, The Scotsman, and internationally renowned design publications Dezeen and Curbed,
  • 20million+ opportunities to see across print, online and broadcast media

Since the launch campaign, the creators of VR-EP have:

  • Received sales enquiries from potential customers that have greatly exceeded expectations, including from overseas markets
  • Received invitations to speak at various events including at TEDx Reading

What our clients say

“Perceptive gave us helpful advice on how best to position and time our launch to gain as much exposure as possible. They recommended a targeted approach to different markets, and far-exceeded our expectations in terms of the national and international media coverage they secured. They have also provided ongoing follow-up and clear reporting which shows the connection between our business objectives and the work they’ve done. We highly recommend them, both for their expert insights and the outstanding results they deliver.”

David Burgher, inventor of VR-EP and Managing Director of Aitken Turnbull Architects

VR-EP Launch
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