Kier Construction, part of the Kier Group, has provided a high level of quality construction to clients throughout Scotland for over 40 years.

Despite being one of the most successful construction companies in Scotland, Kier had a relatively low media profile. That was until 2013, when they retained us to ‘get their name out there’ by providing targeted public relations to raise awareness of the company, their product offering and their team.


Through proactive commentary, issuing news releases and managing media interviews we have dramatically raised Kier Construction’s profile throughout Scotland and beyond. Coverage has exceeded the target set by Kier by almost 300 percent.
Having effectively awoken a sleeping giant, Kier’s profile is now one of the strongest in the Scottish construction industry.

What our clients say

“Kier has worked in partnership with Perceptive since 2013. In that timescale, Perceptive has worked extremely hard to place stories about Kier and industry orientated thought leadership items provided by Kier in the broadcast and print media, including national, regional and industry outlets. Targets that we have set Perceptive for positioning these articles with the media have been smashed over the last two years. Part of the success of this partnership is the friendly, accommodating and professional approach of the Perceptive team. They work with us to understand our drivers and requirements to ensure that articles are interesting and informative as well as delivering our message to the target audience. We have had numerous observations made about how Kier’s media profile in Scotland is very high and this is due to Perceptive’s sterling efforts on our behalf.”

Gordon Reid, Business Development Manager, Kier Construction

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