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Having supported VentureJam’s media activity since its inception in 2015, our brief was to better last year’s number of applicants while achieving as much media coverage as possible, to raise the profile of this informal STEAM* learning opportunity as well as the concept of developing and leveraging Scotland’s diverse skill base to tackle major societal challenges that are impacting people and the planet. We divided our media activity into two phases:

    • attracting applications to participate in VentureJam by publicising the opportunity across Scotland
    • publicising VentureJam 2017 itself to support raising aspirations across the country

By emphasising what was new and exciting about this year’s VentureJam – particularly the opportunity for the winning team to meet a top Scottish entrepreneur – we streamlined our efforts to focus on media sell-in and thus achieve maximum coverage. We also supported the Glasgow City of Science and Innovation team by drafting copy for the VentureJam 2017 social media campaign.


  • Highest applications ever received – achieving client’s primary objective
  • 24 pieces of media overage across print and online, including all target news outlets
  • 13 pieces of social media where media outlets directly shared the story to their audiences
  • 7 million + opportunities to see from media coverage
  • 129K + opportunities to see from social media coverage
  • 84K + organic Twitter impressions from organic posts across campaign
  • 1,269 organic Twitter engagements
  • 8,033 organic reach on Facebook

*STEAM – science, technology, engineering, art and design and maths

What our clients say

“We’ve worked with Perceptive for the past three years and are always impressed by the expertise, creativity and enthusiasm the team brings to each project. The media results are always greater than we hope for and this year was no different, with applications at their highest number yet. Perceptive is a great team to work with, and I highly recommend them, both for their professionalism and experience in helping launch and raise the profile of any event. ”

Dr. Susie Mitchell, Programme Director, Glasgow City of Science and Innovation

VentureJam 2017
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