New Year, New (LinkedIn) You

New Year, New (LinkedIn) You

New Year, New (LinkedIn) You

If your LinkedIn profile deserves a bit more of your attention this year, you’re not alone.

We’ve trained over 1000 people in social media management and the number one request we get from individuals is for help with writing a great LinkedIn profile. Companies are also increasingly engaging our services to help them create a great LinkedIn presence for their business.

Once you’ve updated your LinkedIn profile, it is a relatively low maintenance platform to keep on top of. Like diet and exercise it’s the little and often that works best, just 5-10 mins a day can supercharge your networking and profile.

So if you’re looking for a new year’s resolution you can keep, LinkedIn is a good place to start!

Why LinkedIn

Like good nutrition and quality sleep, keeping a LinkedIn profile up to date is a discipline worth investing in. Used properly, it is a flexible, cost-effective and simple way to:

  • Enhance your professional profile and supercharge your networking efforts
  • Discover new business opportunities and contacts
  • Attract and retain new and existing clients and staff
  • Enhance your personal brand and your company’s reputation
  • Keep up to date with your contacts and industry

We’ve used it to build a highly successful business ourselves and have also seen clients enjoy great returns such as securing sales with customers who couldn’t be reached previously. LinkedIn can open doors that were previously closed.

Face first

A profile or brand page without a picture is perceived as suspicious or incompetent at worst, and unprofessional at best.

Your LinkedIn profile image should reflect a genuine likeness to you. Make sure your face is easy to decipher and that you are the only person in the shot.

Head and shoulder shots in business attire are best. While tempting to use a photo of you looking your best at a social event, avoid using wedding, party or holiday pictures. This is your personal professional brand, so should be a photo of how you look at work.

If you’re setting up a company page, don’t be an amateur. Get your logo and banner images properly designed so that your LinkedIn presence can reflect your brand. This need not be expensive – services such as are a great option for quick design tasks.

Think strategically

Your LinkedIn profile is not a standalone billboard on the internet. Nor is it a static page you create once and leave. It is an ongoing part of your overall networking toolkit or communications strategy and should be used to back up who you are in person.

Just as you need a blueprint to build a house, you need a strategy to develop a successful LinkedIn profile, whether just for yourself or for a corporate brand.

Before you even start editing your profile, think about:

  • What you want to achieve in your career or with your page
  • Who you want to network with (individuals) or who you want to target (company)
  • What networking (individuals) or wider communications activity (company) you are already undertaking

Don’t write in robotic CV-speak. Write like a person. Keep your profile brief yet interesting, and tailor it to your target audiences and objectives.

Then, once your profile is up to date, keep it alive with regular interactions and shares. These take a few minutes and will ensure you stay connected with your audience.

Social Media Policy

While less important for individuals, having a social media policy in place alongside your strategy can save companies a world of pain while helping engage a key demographic – your staff.

Providing simple and straightforward guidelines on minimum expectations for staff LinkedIn profiles will enable your employees to contribute to the company brand confidently.

It will also help you to increase your organisation’s reach with relevant audiences as your staff become more self-assured in using LinkedIn for business development.

Finally, LinkedIn is one of the key sources potential employees and business contacts research before making contact. Having a cohesive, well-maintained brand on your LinkedIn page which extends across your employee’s pages will create a good first impression.

Training and networking

If you’d like to tackle your social media in 2017, get in touch now to discuss how we can help you sort out, improve or ignite your online engagement by emailing or calling 07734 932 578 / 07762 769 659.

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