Brexit not Armageddon but keep your goals in focus

Brexit not Armageddon but keep your goals in focus

Brexit not Armageddon but keep your goals in focus

This week we hosted our first Brexit Insight Breakfast hosted and facilitated by the experienced and award winning team at Perceptive Communicators.  Devin Scobie, public affairs director of Perceptive Communicators and Stephen Boyle, chief economist of RBS Group shared their expert political and economic insights to a packed room, with some great nuggets of information to help navigate the potential implications of Brexit.

After the event, we developed a handy infographic and you can read that by clicking this link:

Unfortunately the only certainty at the moment post-Brexit is uncertainty.

But now isn’t the time to be disheartened and I was pleased to hear the audience felt the same. 98 per cent of those in attendance felt they could make Brexit work, as do I. Indeed, Stephen Boyle summarised his thoughts by saying that it wasn’t the end of the world, just slower growth than we would otherwise have had.

Whatever your stance, the effective use of public affairs has never been more important. At the event, Devin said he expected article 50 to be triggered in the middle of 2017.

It’s not far away and those we met on Tuesday are increasingly recognising the importance of integrated communications, including public affairs, at a time when we are facing the biggest political change in decades.

In uncertain times, you can be certain that Perceptive Communicators’ public affairs offering can support your business needs, helping you to navigate the post-Brexit environment in the process.

Our unique influencing insight has already helped dozens of clients achieve their goals and we would be delighted to do the same with you and your organisation. If you would like to meet with us to discuss how to protect your business reputationally and politically, do get in touch for a no obligation meeting.

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