Awards? Are they worth it?

Awards? Are they worth it?

Awards? Are they worth it?

Mactaggart & Mickel’s recent Outstanding Achievement Award and our nomination in two Construction Marketing Award categories for the PR Agency of the Year and Best Use of Public Relations for the City Legacy project have got me thinking about awards over the last few days.

We’ve all been there.  Those hours spent before the evening dresses and black bow ties are looked out, where we read, review, correct and re-write to make sure we are as close to the award entry criteria as possible.

But as we all know, those hours spent entering awards are more than paid off when we walk to the stage alongside our teams to claim the accolade which we have all worked so hard to attain.

It’s always tricky to toot your own horn and writing award submissions is an art in itself.  Over the years we have helped dozens of clients win awards including 22 and counting for City Legacy Homes, which includes Cruden, CCG, WH Malcolm as well as Mactaggart & Mickel.
People often ask me if the time spent entering awards is worth it.  If the awards resonate with your target right audience, I tell them it is. Not only is the ceremony itself a great opportunity to network, meet prospective clients and treat your team for all their hard work over the year, but  winning on the night can have such a positive impact on your business and morale in the team.

So plan ahead.  Don’t enter for the sake of it. Have a clear vision of how your project aligns with award criteria and make sure your answers closely match what’s required.  And if you find it tricky to toot your own horn, call in the professionals who can toot it for you, often much more easily and effectively.

Ask yourself why you are entering? Do you want to wow potential clients, gain an accolade for a successful project or simply show you’re a hard hitter among your industry peers? Whatever your stance, it’s best to take a particular focus and prioritise those that you think you can and should win, not simply those you would like to.

Enjoy it. It sounds simple, but you can’t possibly win them all so enjoy reaching the nomination stage.  That’s an achievement in itself.  And if you do win, make sure everyone knows about it using all the channels that appeal to your target audience – including LinkedIn which can be a great loudhailer for your achievements in the business world.
Fingers crossed!

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